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    Inspiration Gallery
    Manda Panda Creations' designs offer a wide variety of styles. Here are some images of examples of custom work and artisan jewelry to help inspire you.
    Alluring designs of gemstones, precious metals, natural shell and specialty glass.
    Designs are updated constantly to blend distinctiveness, classic & current fashion functionality and practicality to give every item a timeless quality.
    Great scrutiny is used in the selection of the components for all designs and a meticulous attention to matching natural products like gemstones and shell.
    Guarantee: 30 days against defect and we'll service for life for a nominal fee.
    Custom fit and satisfaction are of utmost importance because every woman is different.
    Experience/education: learn the history of the gemstones and products of nature by visiting Legends of the Stones.
    The designer is an absolute perfectionist (just ask her husband)
    Manda Panda Creations: Creating one-of-a-kind hand-crafted artisan jewelry since 1992.
    Please click here to see more designs from our Inspiration Gallery.
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