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    Necklace Size Guidelines

    For a necklace that will drape:

    Determine your necklace size by using a flexible soft tape measure. Measure by wrapping the tape around you at the base of your neck. Pull the tape down in front and place the end of the tape where you would like your necklace to lay.

    For a necklace with a pendant:

    Follow the same process as listed above, but end the tape where you would like the bottom of the pendant to lay. We will adjust measurements accordingly.

    For a choker:

    Simply measure exactly where you would like your choker to rest around your neck. Most of our choker designs include an option extension chain.

    If the necklace is a gift and the measurement is not known, indicate 'gift' and the size from the list below based on the recipient's body frame size:

    Determine the type of fit you would like for your necklace:

    SizeChokerStandard NecklaceNecklace w/Pendant
    X-small12.5 to 13 inches15 to 15.5 inches16.5 to 17 inches
    Small13 to 13.5 inches16 to 16.5 inches17.5 to 18 inches
    Medium14 to 14.5 inches17 to 17.5 inches18.5 to 19 inches
    Large15 to 15.5 inches18 to 18.5 inches19.5 to 20 inches
    X-Large16 to 17 inches20 to 20.5 inches21.0 to 22 inches

    We will happily resize any necklace/choker designs one time with no fee, excluding return shipping. However, adjustments of greater than our x-large lengths listed above are subject to additional materials surcharge.

    Please contact with any questions about this process.

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