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    Repurposing Jewelry
    Making what is old new again

    This service is great for jewelry that has elements that you love or holds special sentiment for you that you don't wish to wear because they don't suit your style.

    Some examples of potentials for repurposed jewelry are:

  • Modernizing heirloom or vintage jewelry
  • Jewelry from your youth that needs to be updated
  • Fantastic components that become a different type of jewelry such as:
  •         - a broche that becomes a pendant
            - a necklace that becomes a bracelet and/or earrings
            - earrings that become a part of a necklace or bracelet
            - a component rich necklace that becomes several pieces
      "One of my favorite repurposing projects was taking a beloved necklace of a grandmother who had passed leaving five granddaughters. The necklace had eight enameled rose components on double strand chain. I created three pairs of earrings and two necklaces using these eight components. Each of the girls were able to have a memento of their grandmother that suited each of their individual styles."                                                     - Manda Link, Designer / Owner  

    Please contact to start your Repurposing preliminary consultation or if you have any questions.

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